Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates Pumped for Windows 95

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Size Reference

That scale tho… (keeps going and going…)

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Marbles and Magnets!

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Dance Battle!

Montreal Swing Riot 2016 – Vintage vs Modern Street Dancers – Part 1 of the Invitational Battle from Alain Wong on Vimeo.

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Bad Lip Reading – Star Wars Song and Dance

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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Episode 1

Episode 2+ should be available in youtube as well.

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Huntington Library Visit

Nikki and I played hooky from work on Friday (after putting in the proper leave requests) to visit the Huntington library, home of a: 120 acre botanical garden, separate American and European museums and a library holding over 7 million items including manuscripts from George W. and 1 of 11 copies of the Gutenberg bible.

We spent almost four hours there and could have easily spent twice that. Pictures below hopefully help describe the magical space.


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Arch Enemies


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14 Awesome JPL Posters – Visions of the Future

This gallery contains 17 photos.

JPL created some posters to stimulate imaginations. They also include hi-res versions so you can print and create your own posters. Source: Link to hi res images. Tweet

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