Avoid Being Pickpocketed – 5 Tips from a Pickpocket

Saw this posted on reddit and thought this info could come in handy as a reminder to stay on point.

5 Tips from a Pickpocket

  1. Don’t carry extremely important things like social security cards on your person unless you need them THAT DAY for a specific reason. Seriously, I don’t do identity theft but with a soc. sec. in addition to your license and other info, it’s cake for those who do.
  2. Any time you’re bumped into, be suspicious. Study them as best as you can and immediately check yourself. You may look like an asshole if it’s an accident but even if they dead-sprint away, you still got a good look at them.
  3. Be aware. Don’t stand and gawk at anything, ever. You should know who’s around you and what’s going on because those sorts of people who stand and gawp in a mall are the easiest pickings. Check your person for your things (wallet, phone, keys, purse) regularly.
  4. Front pocket, not back. It’s about twice as hard to do without getting noticed, especially on tight pants, unless you’re sitting down. Also, wearing a jacket or anything else that covers the pocket makes it pretty much impossible.
  5. Any kind of wallet that’s not going to slide out of your pocket easily/noiselessly would be very wise. I’ve heard of some people rubber-banding their wallet, and while I never encountered that it would definitely put up resistance, and resistance is not a good thing when you’re trying to get away quiet.


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