How to Split the Restaraunt Bill

I used this the other day and it well. You will have to borrow a pen if you don’t have one.

Useful when people are paying with credit card.

  1. Pass around the bill with a pen.
  2. Each person will circle what the ordered, add up their own total and add 25% (Tax & Tip)
  3. A. If the person has credit card, they write down the last 4 of their credit card and how much to put on it. They can then give the card to you, or put it with the bill.    B. People who have cash will either have the exact amount or can write down how much they need back. You can have the server break cash.
  4. When the bill gets back to the start make sure everything is circled. Do a final count up to make sure everything totals correctly.

What do you do that works to split a check up with a big party?

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