Hey. I just post things here I enjoy and want to keep a record of. If you like it also, great! =) Info about me at www.danielyerelian.com

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  1. Carlos says:

    I liked your blog. I’ll keep coming.

    Cheers from Argentina.

  2. Charlie Pickering says:

    I came across your blog for overclocking the Touchpad and have to say it’s an excellent job! I tried others with very limited success and much frustration. Keep up the good work. I have a question however … does the overclocking work whether you are booted in webOS or Android? How do you know if you are running at 1.5GHz, what should Govnah show? Do you have to re-set to “ONDEMAND” everytime you boot up, or should it hold the faster setting? Great job, thanks.

    • Daniel says:

      Hey thanks! I believe it the overclocking is an adjustment of the webOS kernel so as long as that is loaded you should be good to go. Checking whether it’s really at 1.5GHZ is a bit tough. What I would do is launch an application an quickly switch to Govnah which would then jump up to the higher clock speed. Not sure if there is a better way to actually see the clock hit the top. You should not have to reset it to ONDEMAND everytime but you can check to make sure the clock is going up high enough per my last comment. I am not really messing with the Touchpad much anymore as I’m just to busy, but I’m glad you found the post useful. Keep hacking away brother!

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