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Tax Breaks for Landlords (“Real-Estate Professionals”)

Great summation from the WSJ In 2014, one or more filers of 392,000 returns claimed to be real-estate professionals, according the most recent data from the Internal Revenue Service. This total doesn’t include taxpayers earning $150,000 or less and … Continue reading

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The Master Plan of Elon Musk – Part Two

PART 1: Create a low volume car, which would necessarily be expensive Use that money to develop a medium volume car at a lower price Use that money to create an affordable, high volume car Provide solar power PART 2: … Continue reading

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Some Cool Websites

Repository for interesting sites I find.

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Great Insights – Michael Jones

PMA.LA Event at Google Featuring Michael Jones Started off with four Google PM’s who discussed their roles for the first hour. The second hour was very interesting with Michael Jones providing his insight and path from start ups to corporate … Continue reading

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6 Steps to Being a Better Listener

An article I read recently from the Wall Street Journal focused on the issues that stemmed from not listening well to others and some tips on how to address. Main Takeaways: 1. For an important conversation – write a list … Continue reading

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