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IP Addresses of Popular Websites

Here is a list I found the gives the exact IP address of the websites allowing you to access them even if the names themselves are blocked. Some sites that also have lists Open Salon and Bot Crawl You can … Continue reading

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Amazing Unidentified Flying Objects in Earth’s Atmosphere

Some of these crafts/mechanisms are incredible. Kind of freaky.

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Punishment Before Trial – Our New Justice System?

In recent cases it looks like some people, not proven guilty or innocent, get punished, not by a Judge or a jury but by people with power looking to push political agendas instead of upholding the justice process. From: … Continue reading

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Letter to CA Rep. Rohrabacher – Evidence Against Big Banks Destroyed by SEC

Sent via 8/20. ————————- Mr Rohrabacher, I hope this note finds you well. As you well know in the last 5 years we have suffered at the hands of unethical if not illegal treatment from big banks and predatory … Continue reading

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Incredible Tsunami Videos of Japan 2011 (and UFOs?)

Updated 04/12/2011 Natural disasters of this magnitude are rarely recorded. I’ve gathered some videos of the recent Tsunami in Japan that demonstrate the power and destruction of nature. Also of interest are groups of people who believe there were several … Continue reading

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Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen in Universe

Using the Hubble telescope a compact galaxy of blue stars was found at 13.2 billion light years away. =-O Check out this incredible video, it also gives you a scope of how large our universe is. This video is a … Continue reading

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“Free” Money in California

My friend Justin Michael recently sent me a link to the California State Controller Office and it showed that I was owed money by Microsoft. By co worker found that he was owed about $300 for several rebates! Check this … Continue reading

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