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Why Hayao Miyazaki’s Animation Feels Alive

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Newly Discovered (for me) dope house music artist – Shingo Nakamura

Saw a recommendation online comparing his style to deadmau5, whose style I dig. Check out his albums from 2011, 2014

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1927 ATT Public Announcement – How to Use Dial Telephones

Telephones – the next step in mass world communication Check out those fonts DirectorY! Don’t dial the dash

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Huntington Library Visit

Nikki and I played hooky from work on Friday (after putting in the proper leave requests) to visit the Huntington library, home of a: 120 acre botanical garden, separate American and European museums and a library holding over 7 million … Continue reading

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Tax Breaks for Landlords (“Real-Estate Professionals”)

Great summation from the WSJ In 2014, one or more filers of 392,000 returns claimed to be real-estate professionals, according the most recent data from the Internal Revenue Service. This total doesn’t include taxpayers earning $150,000 or less and … Continue reading

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Notable People and the Actors who portray them

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Body Language – 93% of Communication Is Non Verbal

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Procrastination Explained

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Not Clean Jokes – NSFW

Hijacked these from a reddit post. Disclaimer – These are bad / dirty jokes, do not take any of the comments below seriously… really don’t 1_What’s the difference between Paul Walker and a computer? I give a fuck when my … Continue reading

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Spice by Cuisine and Area

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