Virtual Reality Sabre DDR – Kaskade

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LMB Bros Profile – Steven “Right On” Johnson

A thousand words in two. Right On

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Amazing Voodoo Child Cover By 14 Year Old

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How to Eat Watermelon

Watch out for the Fork Cartel

Mature Language

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Messi Is a Beast!

Lionel Messi gets it done!

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Tanzania – Day 2

Tanzania – Day 2

Woke up at 7am. The alarm on my watch worked perfectly.

The dogs went crazy a few times not sure why. Will try and ask the workers here what was going on.

Breakfast consisted of tea, fruit, omelette (choice of eggs or pancakes) a meat sausage, a piece of toast, naan bread.

A nice touch is that they always have hot water and coffee out on the main table.

Nikki and I met a girl named Molly from North Carolina. She and her friend were going up kili with guide and porter today.

She mentioned she had gone on a coffee tour where they:
1. Take you into the mountains.
2. Pick the coffee fruit.
3. Put in a machine that de husks the fruit.
4. The seed / bean is slimy afterwards
5. Put in water for three days changing the water each day
6. Then out in the sun for 6 days to dry.
7. After that it's ready to roast – medium : medium dark etc.
8. after that you blow the remaining husk
9. Grind and brew!!

Mollys favorite is the Peaberry coffee. The fruit usually has two beans. The ones with only one are the Peabody and are stronger.

She then went down to the main coffee store to put in an order for some coffee. I need to get some of this for my dad.

Nikki and I went back to the room where we "discussed" the oxygen level thing again.

I re packed and went out to the lobby where Mandy and Lynda were finishing their breakfast


Joseph came and picked us up around 11am. Brought his two buddies, Henry, Alex and also the group organizer Louis.

We drove over to Altezza resort. We met a new dude name Eugene. He's from Chicago and an economist that works on mergers and class action law suits.

Different then honey badger. They have ac and the rooms are more modern but the design isn't great and it's a bit less comfortable then he last place.

We settled in and then got a ride into town from Alex. First stop was to change some $$ to shillings.

Next we went to souvenir shop. Seemed higher end. Ended up debating on a mask, elephant sculpture or elephant painting. We settled on the painting. And original by boozoonga. (Need to look up correct name)

We then walked through Moshi, quick stop at mini mart, then to union coffee coop shop where I bought some local Kilimanjaro grown coffee for the mom and pops.

They also served food so we ordered and are waiting.

When we got back we did a gear check with our head guide. My plan to go super grunge didn't work and I will have to buy another fleece, another pair of base layers and a pair of water proof pants. (Group of us will go shopping tomorrow morning)

We did some team ice breakers to learn more about each other and then walked together to dinner.

Dinner at meku bistro. Dinner was pretty good and before the food came out Joseph gave us a 10,000ft explanation of the hike, cap sites and what to expect.

We all then walked back to the hotel where Nikki and I had a night cap of Kilimanjaro lager and white wine. The interval humming of the ac along with incessant squawking of the local fowl-age lulled us to sleep.

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Tanzania – Day 1

We on a plane!

Lax – Dublin 11 hours. (Stay on plane)
Dublin – Addis Ababa 7 hours (3 hour layover)
Addis Ababa – Kilimanjaro 3 hours

(Montey, Nikki and YT)
Finished the book – Kissing Kilimanjaro
⁃ The climb is hard – the dude failed 1st time mostly because of elevation. He made it he second time.
⁃ But he never took altitude pills – is that smart or dumb?
⁃ Mindset and perseverance are key. "Leave it on the mountain"
⁃ Old people can summit.
⁃ Good description on what to wear and what to bring – I need to buy some more snacks.

Gentleman named montey from Temecula with his religion and drone. He was visiting home in Malawi

Having a beer in Ethiopian airport. Bathrooms bad. Walia beer good!!

(Walia beer at 6am local time, 9pm L.A. Time)

Arrived in Kilimanjaro. Visa process is a mess. Be patient.

Joseph met us outside. Nice guy. Born in Tanzania. Pronounced tanZAnia.

Also steering wheel is on right side, they drive on the left

Arrived at the Honey Badger lodge. Went swimming and had a lay about.

Dinner was fried fish and chicken with a starter of carrot and ginger soup. Delish.

Fell asleep pretty easily under the mosquito net. Even though nature was loud this evening.

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Hilarious Prank Phone Calls

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Put Em Up!

Red panda vs rock

"Get your hands up!"

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Sick Skateboard Trick – 360 Late Quad Flip

360 Flip late Quad Flip

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