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Amazing Spray Paint Space Art

This guy is incredible, I love the technique of getting the art details by spray painting on top of objects and stripping the wet paint off the canvas with newspaper. The video is from

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Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen in Universe

Using the Hubble telescope a compact galaxy of blue stars was found at 13.2 billion light years away. =-O Check out this incredible video, it also gives you a scope of how large our universe is. This video is a … Continue reading

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Craziest Hike Ever – El Camino Del Rey

I can’t even believe this trailed is “maintained” and even open. Looks like fun though. The El Camino Del Rey hike.

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“Free” Money in California

My friend Justin Michael recently sent me a link to the California State Controller Office and it showed that I was owed money by Microsoft. By co worker found that he was owed about $300 for several rebates! Check this … Continue reading

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Total Body Transplant

Very interesting discussion from VBS on the preliminary research and the ethics involved in transferring someones head( such as a quadriplegic) to that of a brain dead patient. The video also shows an experiment by Dr. Richard White of a … Continue reading

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15 Top Superfoods for under $20

Read this article at discussing the various superfoods that provide the most nutrition at affordable costs. Here is the quick list: Kale (Vitamin C, vitamin B and calcium) Broccoli (Neutralizes toxins) Winter Squash (Vitamin B6) Sweet Potatoes (Fiber, protein, … Continue reading

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Hilarious Animal BBC Voice Over

My friend Tricia sent me a link to this video. It combines the animal kingdom and classic British humor into a hilarious mashup.

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Google Puts Flower Seeds in Letters – Smart Marketing

I saw this image posted earlier this morning. This is a great example of how google connects with their target market. The letter is from Google Adwords which is Google’s online(paperless and eco friendly) advertising division. Read the P.S. at … Continue reading

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Malaria Entering Red Blood Cell [Video]

Jake Baum at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, Australia, used two drugs to stimulate this malaria attack then used electron microscopy to take the images. Source: New Scientist

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Crazy Dancing at a Wedding in Columbia

Every culture gets down in there own way. It gets a bit awkward toward the end when the dancer starts super freaking the bride.

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