10% Yield Bond

I had heard of a bond issued by the government where you could get 10% APR.

For a “risk free” investment that’s pretty great.

So i decided to go through the process to see how tough it was . – I timed myself and it took me 17 minutes and 3 seconds from clicking the link below to purchase confirmation.

For a bond of $10k, you’ll make at least $480 ($10k at 9.62% APR for 6 months) but likely around $800 when you can cash out a year from now.

So instead of sitting in savings at close to 0% you’ll have made $800 for about 15 minutes of work!

The rate as of this posting is 9.62%


Bonus tip schedule your purchase on the first of the month to maximize the amount of time before the interest rate is updated

If you have questions leave a comment!

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