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Men’s Clothing Styles

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Dancing: We are just robots

I got sucked in and then couldn’t stop watching as it got better and better

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Awesome .Zip of Nature Backgrounds

Found while looking for a new desktop background slideshow. Dropbox link here (Click “Download” in upper right) – Original reddit thread where this was found:

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Why Hayao Miyazaki’s Animation Feels Alive

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LMB Bros Profile – Steven “Right On” Johnson

A thousand words in two. Right On

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Put Em Up!

Red panda vs rock "Get your hands up!"

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“Shia LaBeouf” – Rob Cantor

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Marbles and Magnets!

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Huntington Library Visit

Nikki and I played hooky from work on Friday (after putting in the proper leave requests) to visit the Huntington library, home of a: 120 acre botanical garden, separate American and European museums and a library holding over 7 million … Continue reading

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Arch Enemies

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