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Growing Sustainable Shrimp in the middle of Los Angeles

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Why Hayao Miyazaki’s Animation Feels Alive

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Baby Squid

Found in Norway, a rare sight: a giant mass of squid eggs.

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Life of a Rock

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Size Reference

That scale tho… (keeps going and going…)

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Visually Amazing Places on Earth

Some filtering with Photoshop, still lovely.

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Creating Bonsai well, There is no right

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Grow Your Own Medicine!

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Creepy Story – Skinwalker/Goatman

Some background on these creatures below story… —– Here’s my story: >be 16 >be black and have family down in Alabama >they farm and own a huge amount of land down in Huntsville >uncle owns a big house and a … Continue reading

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Different Solar System Perspective

This image is sweet. You never really think that we are actually expanding out with the universe and not stationary.

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