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TCP/IP — Explanation for Grandma

Also published on Medium TCP/IP — This is such an everyday technology that even folks who aren’t technical have probably heard these acronyms. I aim to explain what TCP/IP is and why it’s essential. Also, this was vetted with grandma, … Continue reading

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Never Forget Someone’s Name Again

(Also posted on Medium) “Hey Dan, great to see you again!” My stomach dropped, what was their name again?? I know we had met before and, they remember my name but I can’t recall theirs. Embarrassing! We’ve all been there. … Continue reading

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Creating Time for Books

(Also posted on Medium) Finding time was the challenge — I told myself for the umpteenth time. How am I supposed to find time to read while I work a full-time job, help take care of my 1 and 3-year-old, … Continue reading

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3 Ways To Build Deeper Connections

(Also posted on Medium) Lately, my mind is constantly returning to the thoughts and ideas in the book Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. As a father and husband, building deeper connections with my children and wife is important to me, and the … Continue reading

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3 Things Learned from a Half Marathon

(Also posted here on Medium) I recently ran in my first half marathon. Guess what happened, I learned three new things.

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10% Yield Bond

I had heard of a bond issued by the government where you could get 10% APR. For a “risk free” investment that’s pretty great. So i decided to go through the process to see how tough it was . – … Continue reading

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Growing Sustainable Shrimp in the middle of Los Angeles

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Posting More – List

Had a goal today to post to the site – but was having trouble getting started so I’m making a list of topics I can visit to create future posts. Books I’ve read recently – Notes and Takeaways Youtube for … Continue reading

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5 Best ways to get Down Payment for a Home

What is a downpayment and how much do you need? With mortgage rates at historical lows and more people than ever working from home everyone is asking how they can they purchase a house or condo. Step 1 is getting … Continue reading

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What’s Forbearance and are more Home Foreclosure’s around the corner

What is Forbearance? Part of the CARES act enacted in March of 2020 Allows home owners to defer 12 months of mortgage payments due to hardships Was then extended 6 more months Last time to Apply is June 30th 2021 … Continue reading

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