Men’s Clothing Styles

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Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego

I don’t know where Ms. Sandiego may be but this song lives in my heart.

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TCP/IP — Explanation for Grandma

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TCP/IP — This is such an everyday technology that even folks who aren’t technical have probably heard these acronyms.

I aim to explain what TCP/IP is and why it’s essential. Also, this was vetted with grandma, and she got it! She is also very sharp but didn’t have in-depth knowledge TCP/IP. (Thanks, Lynda!)

So, first of all, break them apart into TCP and IP. They are commonly joined like two brothers going into battle because they are essential rules that allow computers to talk to each other over the internet.

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Never Forget Someone’s Name Again

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“Hey Dan, great to see you again!” My stomach dropped, what was their name again?? I know we had met before and, they remember my name but I can’t recall theirs. Embarrassing!

We’ve all been there. We’re introduced to someone and 5 minutes later we have forgotten their name.

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Creating Time for Books

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Finding time was the challenge — I told myself for the umpteenth time. How am I supposed to find time to read while I work a full-time job, help take care of my 1 and 3-year-old, spend time with my wife, take care of our energetic rescue pup and try to stay in touch with my friends.

Forget about finding time for self-care.

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3 Ways To Build Deeper Connections

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Lately, my mind is constantly returning to the thoughts and ideas in the book Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. As a father and husband, building deeper connections with my children and wife is important to me, and the teachings from this book helps do that.

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3 Things Learned from a Half Marathon

(Also posted here on Medium)

I recently ran in my first half marathon.

Guess what happened,

I learned three new things.

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10% Yield Bond

I had heard of a bond issued by the government where you could get 10% APR.

For a “risk free” investment that’s pretty great.

So i decided to go through the process to see how tough it was . – I timed myself and it took me 17 minutes and 3 seconds from clicking the link below to purchase confirmation.

For a bond of $10k, you’ll make at least $480 ($10k at 9.62% APR for 6 months) but likely around $800 when you can cash out a year from now.

So instead of sitting in savings at close to 0% you’ll have made $800 for about 15 minutes of work!

The rate as of this posting is 9.62%

Bonus tip schedule your purchase on the first of the month to maximize the amount of time before the interest rate is updated

If you have questions leave a comment!

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Growing Sustainable Shrimp in the middle of Los Angeles

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Posting More – List

Had a goal today to post to the site – but was having trouble getting started so I’m making a list of topics I can visit to create future posts.

  1. Books I’ve read recently – Notes and Takeaways
  2. Youtube for kids – My daughter is FASCINATED with YouTube kids programming and also loves seeing videos of herself – The in laws and I would like to make some videos starring her! – Document the process
  3. Product Management – I work with digital products and am exposed to new products, tech and ways to do things – start documenting interesting products / ideas / features
  4. Music – I use to play piano and would like to start again also am a big fan of all types of music – post videos of me playing or playlists / songs that jump out at me.
  5. Mortgage and personal finance – I am currently a product leader for Core Digital Media part of the Rocket Family of Companies – We aim to improve peoples lives financially. – Thoughts and data on consumer debt, interest rates, home ownership and home improvements
  6. Gardening / Plants – I like plants. A lot. I recently built a garden for my wife and think more plants = better life
  7. Cooking – I like to try new recipes and constantly add or combine ingredients / dishes – document cooking process and add receipt for posterity – for example
  8. Nature – I love to hike and camp we also love the ocean, with a 3 and 1 year old we’ve taken a hiatus from camping – but we are getting ready to go out ad explore again – and the beach is always close by!
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