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Ok Boomer!


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LMB Bros Profile – Steven “Right On” Johnson

A thousand words in two. Right On

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Put Em Up!

Red panda vs rock "Get your hands up!"

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Cage Caged in a Cage Cage

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Some Cool Websites

Repository for interesting sites I find.

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Hidden Keystroke Sniffer

Read this article today about a small device that can sniff and decrypt the radio frequency (RF) signals used by Microsoft’s keyboard wireless protocols. The device in question is so small it can be easily disguised. In this case it’s … Continue reading

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NSA – A Guide to Internet Research

Untangling the Web: A Guide to Internet Research

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Display Articles from RSS on a Website in 3 Easy Steps

I currently have a blog I use for work( at I wanted to be able to display the most recent articles on the rest of the DJY Solutions pages as well as my other site,

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Rage Face and Meme Board Games

Can’t wait to try these out soon. Yah Yah geeky, I know. Meme Drinking Game Rage Face Drinking Game Player pieces for either game above

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Download Music in China.. Legally?

In a project supported and backed by big music industry companies, including “Sony BMG Music Entertainment, EMI Group, Universal Music and the Warner Music Group” Google has been offering free music downloads for the Chinese markets. In light of the … Continue reading

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