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How To Correct Posture

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Awesome Health and Life Advice!

My dad had forwarded an email to me with a large listing of health advice. Worth looking through.

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10 Instant Mood Lifters

1. Wash your hands and face and brush your teeth. It gives you at least 15 minutes of freshness! 2. Put on clean socks and some shoes that you haven’t worn in a few days. Shoes take a couple days … Continue reading

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View of the Human Body in Slices

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Burn Skin Repair Technique – Skin Spraying

This is an experimental technique that involves spraying a burn victims wounds with the patients own cells. As you can tell by the 4 day recovery shown in the video, this has immense potential. Source:

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Total Body Transplant

Very interesting discussion from VBS on the preliminary research and the ethics involved in transferring someones head( such as a quadriplegic) to that of a brain dead patient. The video also shows an experiment by Dr. Richard White of a … Continue reading

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15 Top Superfoods for under $20

Read this article at discussing the various superfoods that provide the most nutrition at affordable costs. Here is the quick list: Kale (Vitamin C, vitamin B and calcium) Broccoli (Neutralizes toxins) Winter Squash (Vitamin B6) Sweet Potatoes (Fiber, protein, … Continue reading

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Malaria Entering Red Blood Cell [Video]

Jake Baum at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, Australia, used two drugs to stimulate this malaria attack then used electron microscopy to take the images. Source: New Scientist

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Image with Regards to Excessive Television

speaks for itself.

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