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TCP/IP — Explanation for Grandma

Also published on Medium TCP/IP — This is such an everyday technology that even folks who aren’t technical have probably heard these acronyms. I aim to explain what TCP/IP is and why it’s essential. Also, this was vetted with grandma, … Continue reading

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Creating Time for Books

(Also posted on Medium) Finding time was the challenge — I told myself for the umpteenth time. How am I supposed to find time to read while I work a full-time job, help take care of my 1 and 3-year-old, … Continue reading

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3 Ways To Build Deeper Connections

(Also posted on Medium) Lately, my mind is constantly returning to the thoughts and ideas in the book Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. As a father and husband, building deeper connections with my children and wife is important to me, and the … Continue reading

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3 Things Learned from a Half Marathon

(Also posted here on Medium) I recently ran in my first half marathon. Guess what happened, I learned three new things.

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