Posting More – List

Had a goal today to post to the site – but was having trouble getting started so I’m making a list of topics I can visit to create future posts.

  1. Books I’ve read recently – Notes and Takeaways
  2. Youtube for kids – My daughter is FASCINATED with YouTube kids programming and also loves seeing videos of herself – The in laws and I would like to make some videos starring her! – Document the process
  3. Product Management – I work with digital products and am exposed to new products, tech and ways to do things – start documenting interesting products / ideas / features
  4. Music – I use to play piano and would like to start again also am a big fan of all types of music – post videos of me playing or playlists / songs that jump out at me.
  5. Mortgage and personal finance – I am currently a product leader for Core Digital Media part of the Rocket Family of Companies – We aim to improve peoples lives financially. – Thoughts and data on consumer debt, interest rates, home ownership and home improvements
  6. Gardening / Plants – I like plants. A lot. I recently built a garden for my wife and think more plants = better life
  7. Cooking – I like to try new recipes and constantly add or combine ingredients / dishes – document cooking process and add receipt for posterity – for example
  8. Nature – I love to hike and camp we also love the ocean, with a 3 and 1 year old we’ve taken a hiatus from camping – but we are getting ready to go out ad explore again – and the beach is always close by!
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