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Foodie and Chef Infographics

A most excellent reference, see below the jump.

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Grow Your Own Medicine!

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Hummus Recipe Cheat Sheet

Hummus is cheap to make, packed with protein and delicious! Get to chomping. nom nom nom

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Coq Au Vin Recipe

Julia Childs recipe: Food Network recipe: Recipe with images:

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Basic Mac and Cheese

Perfect execution on the sauce base. Nothing fancy here but you probably would not know if from the taste.

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Best Damn Moonshine Video Ever

Incredible video showing an old moonshiners last batch. Incredibly authentic view of a dead/dying art.

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Dog Eats Sushi

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Awesome Health and Life Advice!

My dad had forwarded an email to me with a large listing of health advice. Worth looking through.

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How to Split the Restaraunt Bill

I used this the other day and it well. You will have to borrow a pen if you don’t have one. Useful when people are paying with credit card. Pass around the bill with a pen. Each person will circle … Continue reading

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Kale Chips Simple Recipe

Kale chips. Kale, drizzle olive oil, salt/pepper, 15 minutes at 325/350. Done! #healthy #food Edit: A friend also said it’s great to sprinkle some lemon juice before baking as well!

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