California Extreme 2012

This year’s CA Extreme trip was excellent. Once again I met up with my buddy and partner in video game’s, Zach. We kicked it off in San Jose playing a bit of Diablo 3 and just hanging out.

We picked up Lancer, my bro, at the airport on Friday. We then proceeded to watch the new Batman movie(not bad, not great). Then it was off the Hyatt for some late night drinkery and shenanigans.

The next day we got up early to hit the gym a bit and grab some donuts before we got in at 10:30. Throughout the day we went with our normal pace of playing for 3 hours then off to the room for some drinks and/or food. We kept this up most of the day. Alas we fell asleep around 10:30PM and didn’t do our normal midnight gaming session.

Another fantastic showing from the folks at CA Extreme. Looking forward to next year!

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