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Updated 04/08/2010

So everyone knows cooking at home is healthier, cheaper and (sometimes) tastier. I cook  a few times a week and am always looking to try new recipes and figuring out ways to make stuff from scratch. I recently read a pretty sweet post on making your own seasonings at home and it got me thinking of gathering a few of the top cooking resources on the web .

1. Top Restaurant Recipes

If you are looking to duplicate your favorite restaurant meals this is the site for you. Find their most popular recipes here.

2. The Recipe Gold Mine

A huge selection of categories from “celebrity” recipes(Colonel Sanders Transparent Squash?) to how to prepare gourmet baby food, this site has it all.

3. Food Network

Awesome recipes and cooking videos by  top chef personalities. In honor of NFL season some top tailgating recipes.

4. – Herbs and Spice Mixes

A great resource to save money by making your own rubs and mixes. Here are their most popular Spice Mixes.

5. Recipe Matcher

Not sure what to cook? Type your ingredients into this website and they will give you matching recipes. Pretty excellent idea.

6. Julia Child

Watch Julia Child videos free on PBS


** Diabetic Recipes
For those who want to enjoy delicious, healthy meals designed with diabetics in mind.

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