15 Top Superfoods for under $20

Read this article at Discovery.com discussing the various superfoods that provide the most nutrition at affordable costs.

Here is the quick list:

  1. Kale (Vitamin C, vitamin B and calcium)
  2. Broccoli (Neutralizes toxins)
  3. Winter Squash (Vitamin B6)
  4. Sweet Potatoes (Fiber, protein, vitamin A, and vitamin C)
  5. Cabbage (Neutralizes toxins)
  6. Apples (Fiber and antioxidants)
  7. Quinoa (Higher in majority of nutrients compared to rice)
  8. Brown Basmati Rice (Selenium and magnesium)
  9. Barley (Manganese, selenium, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium)
  10. Adzuki Beans (High protein and other vitamins)
  11. Black Beans (Good source of tons of vitamins)
  12. Flaxseed (Omega 3 fatty acids)
  13. Sunflower Seeds (RDA for vitamin E)
  14. Sesame Seeds (Calcium and magnesium)
  15. Almonds (Vitamin E)
  16. Read the original article here.

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