Awesome Lobster and Crab Mac and Cheese

Ok, I might clean this recipe up a bit later but after cooking all this and drinking some white wine this evening this is what I put together.

what you’ll need:
– pasta (mix it up)
– 2.5lb lobster
– 1 Dungeoness crab
– .75 lb Xtra Shrp Cheddar
– .5 lb Gruyere
– White wine
– Panko crumbs
– Flour
– Truffle oil ( i could not find this on short notice…. find it! and class it up.)
– Cherry tomatoes
– 3 Green onions
– 1/2 Big Brown Onion
– Whole milk
– Butter
– Salt
– Pepper

how to cook it:

Open the bottle of wine and pour yourself a drink.

Cook yourself like a 2lb lobster and a dungeoness crab, and get the meat out. That’s another recipe.

Prepare like 1.5 lbs of pasta, mix 2 or 3 of your favorites. Throw some large shell pasta in there, the texture works well for this.(If you have water left over from cooking the lobster and/or crab, strain that water and boil your pasta in that!)

In a big pot(we’re going to throw the pasta in here later) put in like a half stick of butter, half a diced large brown onion and a little red pepper if you get down like that.

Whisk Whisk

After about three minutes put in like 3/4 of a garlic, diced. Add some more butter if it looks weak.

Whisk Whisk

After 2 minutes, add some flour, I don’t know how much, just shake a little bit in there, not too much. You just want it to mix with the butter and start it browning.

Whisk Whisk

Put like 3 cups of whole milk in there. throw some white wine in there, and take some wine for yourself.

Whisk Whisk

Once it heats up add two egg yolks and mix in

Whisk Whisk fast dont let the eggs yolks sit or touch the sides if possible.

Mix in the shredded gruyere and the shredded extra sharp cheddar. Put more cheese in if you want.

Add more milk to make consistency like nacho cheese.


Mix in your pasta slowly.

Add your lobster, crab meat and green onions. Fold together

Throw all that in a baking pan with like a dozen or so cherry tomatoes cut into quarters mixed in.

Top with Panko bread crumbs, pat down lightly with hand.

Throw in the over at 350 for like 10-15 minutes then broil that sucker until the top gets brown.

If it looks like it’s too dry during the bake, heat some whole milk and butter in a sauce pan and pour it all over the top asap.

Difficult to plate my casseroled pasta I learned.


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