HP Touchpad Specs and Android Info

Updated 08/29/2011

HP announced in the last week that they are dropping out of the tablet market. This caused them to slash the prices on all the remaining stock in an effort to quickly liquidate their Touchpads. This caused a tablet buying frenzy on the web over the last weekend($99 and $149 from about $500). They sold out almost immediately at Best Buy but through a well timed text from my brother I was able to get one on Amazon.

There is now a strong underground push to port over Google Android onto the hardware. There has even been a $1500 bounty offered for the team that is able to bring the port to the masses.

Here are some teams working on this, you will find the same people across multiple groups as the work to coordinate:

Rootz Wiki
–Link 2


Follow them at: @HPTouchDroid
[Looks like these guys got into a disagreement 08/22/2011]

Crazy rumor that some guy bought his from Best Buy with Android already installed. Link

HP Touchpad Specs[PDF] – http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/14077_na/14077_na.pdf

UPDATE 08/25/2011
So Amazon.com cancelled my Touchpad order because onSale.com oversold their inventory. Bummer. Of course the complaint of not only myself is that other vendors were selling the Touchpad also but there is trust in Amazon to deliver. I signed up on the HP website and am keeping eyes open.

UPDATE 08/29/2011
I was able to order a HP Touchpad last Thursday from RapidBuyr. Have been keeping mum about it until I got shipment confirmation which happened today! Sweet! I’ll be putting up another post soon to track the different devs I hope to use it for.

PS. Still no response back from Amazon or onSale from my emails regarding no delivery

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