HP Touchpad – Overclock CPU and Enhance Usability

The information below is for educational purposes only.

These first will allow the HP Touchpad to run smoother and faster, enhancing the user experience.

Overclock and Install Patch Programs:

We will overclock both CPU Cores to 1.5GHz from the standard 1.1GHz
—Kernels exist that allow overclocking to 1.7 and 1.9GHz but users encountered a few more errors and freezes at this clock.

1. Install Preware to the HP Touchpad. See my instructions here.

2. Once preware is installed launch the program on your Touchpad

3. Install Govnah. Search for “Govnah”. Download and Install

4. Install UberKernel(Touchpad). Either search for this or browse to “Available Packages”–>”Kernel”–>”All”–>”UberKernel(Touchpad)”. Download and Install

5. Search for and install these three Patches
– Remove Tap Ripple
– Increase Touch Sensitive and Smoothness 10
– Faster Card Animations HYPER Version

6. Restart your HP Touchpad

7. You can doublecheck the clock speed through the Govnah application.
Note: If it looks like the second core isn’t doing anything in Govnah, click on the Profile at the top, click on Advanced Settings at the top of the next screen and change the CPU Frequency to “ONDEMAND”. It should start showing usage.

8. Done!

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