Asia Trip Post 0 – OMW

So I’m adding this now because I went back to electorally document my journal of the trip.

Dec 14 2011
So I was at the airport waiting to board my flight and strike up a conversation with a Philipino lady in from of me named Terry. She was going back home to do some charity work. “This is my first trip back for Christmas in 34 years” she said.

The other guy I met in the airport was in the security line. He had a southern drawl and was on his way back home to Manila. Originally from Texas he had lived in the phillipenes for 24 years and was an oil man currently working for BP.

Also found out he was a survivor of the Deep Water Horizon rig that had the terrible accident in the Gulf of Mexico. Amazing! He had been sleeping during the accident and ran to the deck just in his shirt and boxers. To escape the fire that had erupted he jumped into the water though he still suffered 2nd degree burns.

He had said the failure had been due the failure of a cement cap and that oil had then been sucked back into the engine. When the oil hit the engine it ignited the big holding tank next to it. We lost each other through security but it had been a interesting encounter.

Now on the plane I end up sitting right next to Terr from the short blurb above. She was perturbed by the loss of two hams. Her checked baggage had been to heavy. She had been planning on making soup.

I ended finishing the book Siddhartha. I first read it as required in high school and thought a trip to India warranted another glance. It’s a quick read and makes some nice points. Many lessons could be learned from his different trips but the main realization is that everything is tied together, affecting one another and a stone has as much worth as a star.

Dec 15 2011

Still on the plane, were on final approach to Guam. Watched this movie .. cant remeber what is was called something “away”? It was about this kid who always wins. He currently works with his uncle making athletic shoes. He meets this girl with cancer at camp. They fall in love and she ends up dying. Sad movie, but not bad.

Terry had some issues with cancer in her family. Her son is a research scientist working with stem cells. Terry was originally form a small town where one of their national hero was form.

Landed in Manilla, its like 4am. Once the duty free shop opens I but some JW Double Black for Ben and barely made my flight.(They called me over intercom)

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