Escondido Canyon Park Hike (Escondido Falls)

This past weekend I decided to check out Escondido Canyon Park, located in Malibu. I had heard about the great trails and scenery in Malibu but had yet to explore.. even once. The drive out there was fantastic as was the hike. It was actually really crowded, which could be expected on a Saturday, but everyone we met was quite amiable and helpful.

The hike contains three water falls with the first the easiest to get to. The last two falls required a bit of rock climbing and was a bit more difficult but the average person could easily complete it (though allot of the visitors were visible scared at certain parts).

You can also climb to the top of the last waterfall, but the my girlfriend and I had enough hiking and crowds by that point. Here is the yelp link also. Check out the pics below:

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