Asia Trip Post 5 – Hyderabad, India Day 1

Notes: Arrived in India on Dec 21. Saif came and picked me up with the driver and we then went out to have a coffee with his cousin.

Next morning we went for a run, which probably wasn’t to healthy as I think people like to burn their trash in the morning. This was essentially day one of the wedding. You can see the pictures below but a ton of food was brought into the flats for the family. They spent most of the day putting together gifts for Saifs fiance. They ended up ambushing Saif and putting spice paint on him. It turned into an all out attack on everyone, especially once the silly string came out.

At night we went to the next flat where all the flowers were and took a ton of pictures while Saif and the family was decked with flowers. It’s like the ritual for the guests to feed Saif a little piece of candy or pastry.

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