Asia Trip Post 6 – Hyderabad, India Day 2

Notes: For breakfast Indians eat soup. Its’s provided by the flats we are staying at an added value, so I ate quite a bit, I’m adapting to Indian culture quickly. We hung out with the famly in flats for awhile playing with the kids and teasing the cousins.

We then went with Imran’s, Saif’s cousin, family to buy “Costumes” for the events this evening. Going out in the town it reminds me how lucky I am to live in the states as a large majority of the people here are poor and have to hustle to make it.

We got back to the flats and ate leftover food from yesterday. We got ready and Samina, Saifs mom, lent me a costume.

The event this night was at the Mariott, this was day 1 of 3 of official wedding events. The room was huge and set up very nicely with flowers on the state and a couch as well.

Then comes some rituals. Saifs side sits on the couch and the brides little cousin “tricks” Saif into giving his pinky. Once he gives her is pinky she holds onto it and they “bargain” for real money (ended up being >10k rupees) to let it go.

We then danced a little bit. Which I guess is pretty uncommon for this type of wedding.

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