Coachella 2012

Coachella Coachella Coachella

My first large festival and I don’t think I’m going to be missing another one. The music, party and vibe was amazing. I was staying at buddy’s place really close by so didnt have to camp(Just a 30 minute walk), which probably woudn’t have to bad, but it was nice to have a pool with the heat out there.

We didn’t see all the bands but did check out Black Keys, Swedish House Mafia, M83, David Guetta, Radiohead, Calvin Harris and Dr Dre and Snoop. What a party! Pretty much spent the day chillin by the pool and around 4:30 5 head over to the show and dance dance dance until like 12:30.

I made some great new friends and tightened bonds with the ones I already had.

Found this website and am thinking about checking out some more of these festivals.

Music is life. Let the music play!
Coachella Website (these folks also do Stage Coach!)

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