Tanzania – Day 1

We on a plane!

Lax – Dublin 11 hours. (Stay on plane)
Dublin – Addis Ababa 7 hours (3 hour layover)
Addis Ababa – Kilimanjaro 3 hours

(Montey, Nikki and YT)
Finished the book – Kissing Kilimanjaro
⁃ The climb is hard – the dude failed 1st time mostly because of elevation. He made it he second time.
⁃ But he never took altitude pills – is that smart or dumb?
⁃ Mindset and perseverance are key. "Leave it on the mountain"
⁃ Old people can summit.
⁃ Good description on what to wear and what to bring – I need to buy some more snacks.

Gentleman named montey from Temecula with his religion and drone. He was visiting home in Malawi

Having a beer in Ethiopian airport. Bathrooms bad. Walia beer good!!

(Walia beer at 6am local time, 9pm L.A. Time)

Arrived in Kilimanjaro. Visa process is a mess. Be patient.

Joseph met us outside. Nice guy. Born in Tanzania. Pronounced tanZAnia.

Also steering wheel is on right side, they drive on the left

Arrived at the Honey Badger lodge. Went swimming and had a lay about.

Dinner was fried fish and chicken with a starter of carrot and ginger soup. Delish.

Fell asleep pretty easily under the mosquito net. Even though nature was loud this evening.

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