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Winnebago Man Hilarious Outtakes

Ok so a bit crude, language definitely NSFW. He just keeps screwing up the lines… LOL

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Rage Face and Meme Board Games

Can’t wait to try these out soon. Yah Yah geeky, I know. Meme Drinking Game Rage Face Drinking Game Player pieces for either game above

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A Waving Bear

Hey, whats up bro!

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Hilarious Indian Kid with some Sweet Dance Moves

Thanks to my brother Lance for the video of “younger me”. LOL

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4 Awesome Videos

Great Mountain Bike Video, these guys are shredding. Michael Jacksons “Billie Jean” on the Ukulele A Dog Learns, LOL How to disable a cat.

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Hilarious Fishing Show Fails

Just wanted to save this video. This guy is from a big time fishing show and these are the blooper outtakes. Source: “This edit is captured from NicoDouga http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm9057593 “

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Hilarious Animal BBC Voice Over

My friend Tricia sent me a link to this video. It combines the animal kingdom and classic British humor into a hilarious mashup.

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L.A. Improv Troupe Raising Money with 48 hour Improv Marathon

The Comedy Sports troup is trying to raise money by having a 48 hour improv marathon starting Thursday Oct 14th at 7pm. As quoted on their website: ComedySportz LA is Los Angeles’ longest running show at 22 years. We, The … Continue reading

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