L.A. Improv Troupe Raising Money with 48 hour Improv Marathon

The Comedy Sports troup is trying to raise money by having a 48 hour improv marathon starting Thursday Oct 14th at 7pm.

As quoted on their website:

ComedySportz LA is Los Angeles’ longest running show at 22 years. We, The College Team, have been a part of the company for nearly a decade. With a cast that rotates every year, we perform every Thursday night at 8pm.

To hopefully raise some money, and definitely have a lot of fun, for the next 48 straight hours, both current and past members of the College Team will be performing live in what can only be described as an extremely dangerous publicity stunt. Will we make it? Hopefully. Will we be tired? Definitely. Will we get to a point where we are so loopy that we do dirty material? Only between the hours of 10pm and 5am.

Feel free to donate, type suggestions to scenes, and if you live in the Southern California area, come to 733 Seward St, Los Angeles, CA, 90038 and see the show live (we will literally be here all weekend).


also according to a post on reddit. This guy could be trolling a little bit, it might not sound as bad as it is.


Lurker here, that should explain my lack of posts. My home theater (ComedySportzLA) has been performing for 22 years, and despite having the record for LA’s longest running show, we can’t afford to keep our doors open. I’m not asking for donations, what I am asking is that you let us entertain you. From Oct. 14th @ 7pm – Oct. 16th @ 7pm we will be streaming nonstop improv comedy here: http://collegeteamimprov.com

We’ve gotten people to sponsor us a dollar amount per hour, but they’re mostly friends and family who have already seen us. What would really make this event special is if we had some people watching online giving us suggestions, and perhaps a few of you will be kind enough to even come see the show live (733 Seward St, Los Angeles, CA). Thanks for reading.

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