Asia Trip Post 4 – Floating Market and Bangkok, Thailand

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So I made a list of the tourist things I was interested in and called up a taxi driver I had met yesterday named Mr. Sky. We negotiated on a daily rate of 1k Baht and off we went.

We started at the “floating market” which ended up it seemed Mr Sky got a commission from. They tried to charge an ridiculous price for the boat ride, I ended up negotiating them down 50% (but the price was still to high) In the beginning of the trip they take you by all these trinket shops on the boat. I bought a sliding bird sound whistle and proceeded tweet on it the rest of the trip( I think you can hear it in one of the videos)

The way the houses were situated and the way people lived was more interesting then the market itself. You can see some pics and videos below.

Next we drove to a sweet Buddhist temple called Wat Arun. My camera actually ran out of batteries, fortunately the lady in the guard station let me use their plug to charge up. I used my iphone camera to make up for the lack of photos. (see pictures in

Lastly I went to visit the Grand Palace I got dropped off, but to late noticed it closes at 3:30 sharp. Luckily this was the area with all the street vendors so I spent the next hour and a half eating food from various vendor carts, looking at trinkets and the people.

After battling through some heavy traffic Mr. Sky dropped me off at the hotel. I showered and decided for my last night to go to Khaosan Road. I ended up riding there on the back of a scooter as this was cheap and a great way to avoid traffic. I partied with some Austrian people I met.. Jay and Alice(?) Anyway we had a good time and I ended the night at my hotel.

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